Thursday, October 11, 2007

Quick News Updates

Just a few quick things today, as I continue to be a bit busy with that pesky “real life” that gets in the way of my football watchin’:

  • Check out this story by the always-good Grant Whal on Michael Bradley, son of the U.S. National Team head coach. Interesting stuff not just about Michael but about how an American makes it overseas in the football world:

  • See any of the major soccer websites for updates on Euro 2008 qualification, and especially for news on England. Stories this week include John Terry’s various injuries, the English striker situation, and whether the perennially-hurt Michael Owen should play. Wake me in June when the Euros start, please.
  • Finally, it looks like my man Neil Warnock has taken the QPR job. Good luck, Neil. They’re in 19th place right now. Of course, if your team collapses down the stretch like it did last season, you can always blame Carlos Tevez again…

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