Friday, January 19, 2007

Weekend Matches: January 20-21

There is an absolutely dynamite slate of matches on tap for this weekend. I may not leave the house from Saturday morning until midnight Sunday. Great games in England, Italy, Spain, Argentina, and even a re-run of a classic game on Sunday night. If you have a DVR, now is the time to use it; if you can't find something to watch this weekend, well, you just don't like football.

I was going to highlight the best games of the weekend, as I sometimes do, but not this time. They're all good. I'm definitly going to watch Manchester United, Fiorentina, and Boca Juniors, but I'm probably going to watch the others as well.


Liverpool vs Chelsea 7:30am Setanta USA

Newcastle vs West Ham 10:00am FSC

Atl. Madrid vs Osasuna 2:00pm GolTv

Villarreal vs Sevilla 4:00pm GolTv

Boca Juniors vs River Plate 8:00pm FSC


Inter vs Fiorentina 9:00am GolTv

Arsenal vs Manchester United 11:00am FSC

Lazio vs Milan 2:30pm FSC

Mallorca vs Real Madrid 3:00pm GolTv

England vs Greece (2001) 11:00pm FSC

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