Thursday, April 5, 2007

Book Reviews Coming Soon

I received a nice email today from a reader asking when I plan on posting some new book reviews. In fact, I have been swallowed up by football books lately and plan on posting some new reviews soon.

Right now I am actually reading four books at once, largely because they are all so good: a biography of Eric Cantona, George Best’s latest autobiography, Paddy Agnew’s memoir of Italian football (Forza Italia), and Phil Ball’s book on David Beckham’s first year at Real Madrid. I will probably publish the Cantona review first, and then perhaps the Best autobiography review. I plan to review Agnew’s book alongside another great Italian memoir, Tobias Jones’s The Dark Heart of Italy (which isn’t entirely about football but is still fantastic.) Finally, I will probably review Phil Ball’s book much later, and will do another joint review along with Jimmy Burns’ When Beckham Went to Spain and John Carlin’s fantastic White Angles. It is almost absurd that three major books have been written about Beckham’s first year with Real Madrid, and it is shocking that all three are actually quite good. (And two of them are brilliant.) But that’s how popular David Beckham is. Safe to say we will probably see another slew of books covering his first year with the Galaxy. And, I promise, I will get to some reviews soon.

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