Monday, April 2, 2007

The Champions are back

This weekend witnessed a pretty good slate of games, including further proof that this is Peter Crouch’s world, and that the rest of us just live in it. He scored three goals in the Liverpool game against Arsenal, using both his feet and his head. I personally saw the Milan game, which was better in the second half than in the first, and the Real Madrid game, which was better when Robinho came in with about 35 minutes left in the second half and eventually scored the winning goal.

It’s going to be a good week this week, seeing how the Champions League is starting up again. On Tuesday we have Milan v. Bayern Munich and PSV v. Liverpool. On Wednesday we have Roma v. Manchester United and Chelsea v. Valencia. I am very much looking forward to watching all four games.

So who do I like? I have Milan and Liverpool winning on the first day, and Manchester and Valencia on the second. All four games seem like they should be good, but for the best bet I am looking at the Roma v. Manchester match, which will be a good test of two very good football clubs and also an interesting test of two leagues as the Premiership and Series A go head-to-head. With the right breaks the Champions League could turn into the England Invitational (three out of the four semi-finalists could be from England) but I do think Totti and co. will give Fergie’s boys all they can handle.

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