Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Champions Games Today

Today features a big slate of games as the Champions League continues. I expect Chelsea to win today, as well as Lyon and Inter. The best match of the day should be, of course, Liverpool v. Barca. Liverpool is a goal up and scored two away goals. I keep waiting for Barca to turn it on, but they continue to struggle (by their standards, at least) both in Europe and in La Liga. I am hoping it is an entertaining, attacking match. I can’t see why it wouldn’t be. Today is the sort of day we are interested in football in the first place.

(Note: All games are broadcast on a pay-per-view basis on UEFA.com, if you do not receive the channels the games are televised on. I have never done the pay-per-view thing on UEFA, so I can’t say how it works. ESPN2 will show the Liverpool game live, followed by the Chelsea game on tape at 5:00 on ESPN classic. All times are EST.)

2:30pm Chelsea vs Porto Setanta USA, UEFA

2:30pm Liverpool vs Barcelona ESPN2, UEFA

2:30pm Lyon vs Roma UEFA

2:30pm Valencia vs Inter Milan ESPND, UEFA

5:00pm Chelsea vs FC Porto ESPNCC

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