Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Prediction Business

In Monday’s column, I threw out an educated guess suggesting Inter and Chelsea would be playing in the Champions League final. I also suggested that Lyon would continue to do well in the tournament. Of course, Inter and Lyon were booted last night and Chelsea had to squeak by Porto (in a dreadful game, by the way.) The basic lesson is that you should ignore any predictions I make in the future.

I did enjoy yesterdays’ Barca-Liverpool game, however. Liverpool deserved to win, and played very well particularly in the first half. I was surprised Messi and Eto’o really had no effect at all on the game; credit Liverpool’s defense, I guess, but I do wonder if the Barca team will be broken up at the end of the season; there are rumors surrounding all three of their star players, and in truth they are not playing well together.

Today I am excited for three out of the four games: Real-Bayern, Celtic-Milan, and Manchester-Lille. I expect Manchester to pull it out with the goal advantage, and I am hoping Milan wins at home. The Real game is, perhaps, the toughest to predict: Real is a goal up but allowed two away goals to the Germans: It’s a tall task for any team, and Real really has been awful all season. It’s absolutely amazing that Beckham was “permanently” benched a few weeks ago, but he has now become so instrumental to Real’s success that his knee injury seems to have spelled doom for his club. Real is truly dysfunctional, and I predict they will loose tonight. However, you can see above what my predictions are worth. Enjoy today’s games.

Today’s games are:

2:30pm Arsenal vs PSV Eindhoven Setanta, UEFA

2:30pm Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid UEFA

2:30pm Manchester Unites vs Lille ESPN2, UEFA

2:45pm AC Milan vs Celtic Setanta, UEFA

5:00pm Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid ESPNCC, Setanta

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