Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Quick Hits

Just some quick thoughts on a dreary Tuesday morning as we await the start of league play once again…

  • These internationals are, frankly, killing me. The European and World Cups are great, don’t get me wrong, and some of the qualifying matches can be very interesting. But once again this past weekend we had another break from league play so these tedious international friendlies and qualifiers could be played. Barnburners tomorrow include England v. Andorra, among others. I honestly can’t wait for the leagues in England, Spain, and Italy to get started again.

  • Speaking of England, I guess tomorrow’s match truly is a do-or-die game. Especially for Steve McClaren, who will surely be dismissed if the lions draw or lose the match. Obviously everyone expects England to at least beat the Andorrans, but to be honest most people also expected England to score a goal in the last three games. So we shall see. It also doesn’t bode well for “Big Steve” that he’s getting in post-match fights with Wayne Rooney. McClaren should count himself lucky that the Roonster didn’t break out his patented nut-stamp to end the argument, or that he wasn’t fired immediately by an FA intimidated by Rooney’s marketing sway.

  • The United States actually played a fairly exciting friendly this weekend, against Ecuador. I saw about half the game with some good friends in a restaurant, and we were impressed by Landon Donavon, especially his two later goals, which included a sweet breakaway and a scorcher from outside the box into the top corner. If Landon has found his stride again it may mean a return to the top of the table for the LA Galaxy. Regardless, the team already knows it will top the table in another important category: shirt sales!

  • Speaking of which, the MLS begins in a few short weeks. If you are reading this column from the states, support your local league and go out and buy some tickets. At the very least it will give us something to talk about other than transfers during the summer.

  • Finally, there is a nasty rumor surfacing in Italy that striker Luca Toni is set to leave my favorite club, Fiorentina, for those nasty, cheating thugs called Juventus. C’mon, Luca! Think about Fierenze! The art! The food! The history! The Dome! And Fiorentina; pay the man the money he deserves; he is the player that has brought you out of relegation to challenge for Europe even with the points deduction. Don’t break my heart like this.

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