Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Silly Season

My apologies to my five or six loyal readers who have been wondering when I will return. Like my football-playing brethren, I have been taking a brief summer break to re-charge my batteries. I have also been taking the occasional trip, although unfortunately I have not and will not be going to Venezuela to see what's left of the Copa America. I will be checking in occasionally over the next month to talk about transfer news, gossip, and the MLS, but I won't be back full-time until August, when the Premiership season starts up again. From there we can together enjoy the start up of all the European Leagues and the wrap up of MLS, as well as the first appearance of David Beckham in an MLS shirt.

So I will only be checking in periodically in July before I come back again full-time in August. Thanks to everyone who wrote in, and enjoy all all the summer football that we get to watch this year!

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