Thursday, June 28, 2007

U.S. v. Argentina Tonight

Most football fans are watching this year's Copa America, which is already shaping up to be a fun tournament. (Last night's late match, where Mexico spanked Brazil, was great to watch.) Tonight will see one of the highlights for American fans as the U.S. national team takes on Argentina. Most people think Messi and the boys will take apart this inexperienced American squad piece by piece. SI's Jonah Freedman certainly thinks so, in this article below, and I guess I'm inclined to agree. The U.S. didn't bring much firepower. It sure would have been fun to see the U.S. bring their full Gold Cup suqad, however, especially after watching Mexico hand it to co-favorites Brazil last night. (Mexico played a great game and the first goal was GORGEOUS. However, if Robinho had finished that bicycle kick it would have been one for the ages.) Regardless, even if tonight turns into a Messi/Tevez exhibition, it should still be fun.

In other news (well, Real Madrid news) the team fired coach Fabio Capello less than two weeks after winning la Liga. Gutsy movie, I guess. Capello wins wherever he goes, but I was just as frustrated with him as everyone else at the mid-year when the team was playing so poorly. I guess this just highlights the fact that at Real Madrid the perception is just as important as the football, and when the crowds started to get down on Capello and his "boring" game, nothing could save him. We'll see how the fifth coach in five years does for the boys in white. David, you may have left just in time.

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