Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Champions Recap: Day One

To call it an interesting first day of the Champions League would be an understatement; here is some very brief analysis of the four games from yesterday.

Real Madrid v. Bayern Munich

One of the two games I was able to catch on television. Madrid won 3-2, giving up a second crucial away goal with only a few moments left in the game. Madrid may have the lead, but fans of the Whites can’t feel good about that late goal, knowing all Munich has to do is win 1-0 at home to advance and eliminate Real. Otherwise, it was a great game; Beckham, remarkably, played great again and was man of the match. Raul even scored…twice! On the other hand, Fabio Cannavaro continues to look like the worst reigning player-of-the-year of all time.

Arsenal v. PSV

The other game I saw yesterday and a bit of a snorer. Did Henry even play? PSV scored a late goal to win 1-0, a surprise only because the match had a 0-0 draw written all over it. I spent most of the game wondering whether I should just go back and watch the recorded Real - Bayern Match again, since it was so much more exciting than this snoozefest.

Manchester United v. Lille

Okay, I admit, I wish I had the chance to see this one: it had everything from a sleazy Manchester goal (courtesy of a Ryan Giggs free kick while the keeper was still setting up his wall) to fan violence on both sides. Wow! Fan violence in France! I can’t believe it! And what is this, 1985? No wonder everyone hates Manchester; I wonder if a new edition of Among the Thugs will be released with a chapter on Lille?

Milan v. Celtic

I wanted to watch this match to see my man Gourcuff, but all-in-all, if I have to miss a game, it might as well be a 0-0 draw in Scotland. I like Milan playing in the return at home, but it will all depend on whether someone can get the bal in the net.

I will have more tomorrow about tonight’s games; let’s all hope for at least one thriller: I’m looking at you, Barca v. Liverpool!

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