Thursday, February 15, 2007

Links of the Week

I haven’t done a links column yet this week, and yet there has been quite a bit of good stuff. Here is just a small list of some of the best from this week.

  • Grant Wahl has another typically fine column; this one was on the surreal atmosphere surrounding a Series A game played in front of an empty house. Wahl does a nice job of describing the sounds of players talking to one another and the ball hitting the post in an echo-y stadium bereft of fans. A very interesting read

  • Meanwhile, Phil Ball checks in with his usual fine weekly update of events in La Liga, including good stuff on Valencia (one of the most fun teams in football right now) and the strangeness that surrounds the life of David Beckham.

  • Lang Whittier, who apparently has the very enviable job of being a professional reviewer of sports games, has a review of Pro Evolution Soccer ‘07 here. Also look for his previous review of FIFA ’07.

  • Here’s a handy list of the fixtures for the Copa America – including the United States, who have no easy draw.

  • Good stuff here by Harry Glynn about whether West Ham will be relegated at the end of the Premiership season. Hey, as long as it’s not Sheffield United….

  • The great magazine FourFourTwo always has good stuff on traveling around the world to take in football. Here’s a good one on the Basque country,,11442~833688,00.html

More tomorrow on my picks of the weekend!

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