Thursday, February 1, 2007

Transfer Window Slams Shut

Last night marked the end of the January transfer window, a sad time for football fans who like wheeling-and-dealing as much as the sport itself, much as some baseball fans live for the hot stove.

So where there any deals that will affect the races? I think so, although we may not know for a while which ones will be the most important. As I’ve said, I think Ronaldo will help Milan. I also think Javier Mascherano could make a real impact with Liverpool, if he is allowed to go. (Ultimately he could be a better player in the premiership than Tevez, I think.)

All this being said, I think the best transfer deal made in January might be Martin O’Neill bring John Carew to Aston Villa from Lyon. Carew, to me, is a tough, strong forward who will fit in perfectly with the physical style of the premiership. He also knows how to win (presumably everybody on Lyon does; they do enough of it) and will bring that attitude with him to Villa Park.

I have written before that I think O’Neill overpaid for Ashley Young; I don’t know what he paid for Carew (the sum was undisclosed, but word is he got him on the cheap) but it seems as if he mad up for his earlier, free-spending ways. O’Neill has already proven to many people that he is one of the brightest minds in the premiership, and I think picking up Carew will, in the long term, make Villa a force in the league, something it hasn’t been for a long, long time.

There are good articles on the transfer window at ESPN:


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