Thursday, August 16, 2007

Beckham Scores and Premiership Thoughts

In spite of my frustrations with the David Beckham saga over the past week, he scored off a sweet free kick last night in his first start for the LA Galaxy. All hype aside, he played great (scored one and set up another) and generally treated the game like it was a scene from a sports film. That why he gets the big bucks, I guess. His goal can be seen here:

In other news, Chelsea has still not yet closed the deal on the great Daniel Alves, although it looks like that is still coming. Chelsea actually desperately needs the defensive help after Ricardo Carvalho joined John Terry in the treatment room with an injury. Alves is a fantastic player, will help on defense, and will certainly make the dreadfully boring Chelsea a little more fun to watch.

One disappointment of the early days of the Premier League season is that Manchester United will be playing in their Sunday derby with Manchester City without their two best players, Wayne Rooney and Christiano Ronaldo, the latter of whom is out three games with a red card. Too bad, as at full strength Manchester United is one of the most fun teams in the world to watch. Still, I am so far happy with my controversial "Manchester City will finish 5th" prediction.

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