Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Roy Keane at it Again

I used to think Roy Keane was an insufferable prick. The most negative bastard alive. I then read his autobiography, (which I have reviewed on this website) and found it to be incredibly refreshing and honest, one of the few genuinely great football books I have ever read. It was so honest, in fact, that I kind of started liking Roy Keane as a result. Mind you, I still know he is pretty much an angry jerk.

Roy Keane is now the Manager of Sunderland, and by any account he is doing a great job. He was promoted from the Championship in his first year and is now 1-0 in the Premiership. However, he has become more and more frustrated at his lack of ability to get good players to move up to the sticks and play for his not-so-famous club. Yesterday he inevitably lashed out, blaming the wives and girlfriends of the players who wouldn't sign for him, claiming these men are too cowed by the ladie's desire to be close to the shopping scene in London. Here are a few of the better outbursts:

Sunderland manager Roy Keane has launched a withering attack on 'weak and soft' players who are dictated to by their wives and girlfriends.

Keane, famous for his tirade against corporate Manchester United fans who he dubbed 'the prawn sandwich brigade' when he was captain at Old Trafford, said some players were not interested in playing for clubs outside the English capital.

...'I think it's weak. You see it with a couple of big players now. Clearly their wives and girlfriends are running their lives and that's a bad sign. I realise it is part of the package and more so when there are children and schools involved, but ultimately you're a footballer.

'Retire at 35 or 36, you can live wherever you bloody well like -- London, Monaco, wherever -- and any half-decent footballer will be a multi-millionaire anyway.
'Why is there such a big attraction with London? It would be different if it was Chelsea, Arsenal or maybe Tottenham, but when they go to a smaller club just because it's in London, then it's clearly because of the shops.'

...'Their priorities are not the same as mine. We will do the best for our players' families, but we've had a player this summer who didn't even ring us back because his wife wanted to move to London. And shopping was mentioned. It might astonish many people, but it's true,' he said.

Yes, Roy. It's just because of the shopping. I'm sure it has nothing to do at all with the club, the money, or even with you.

Meh. I still like him.

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