Friday, August 24, 2007

Weekend Matches: August 25-26

Yikes. I don’t even know where to start in describing this weekend. Just a great, great weekend to stay in and watch football. The Premiership goes on, as does the Bundesliga, while Italy and Spain kick into high gear. There are literally five or six games I want to watch, including Real Madrid’s, Juventus’, Manchester United’s, Sheffield United’s, and Inter’s. Its gonna be a busy weekend. And hopefully a great one.


7:45am Sunderland vs Liverpool Setanta Sports

9:00am Bayern Munich vs Hannover 96 GolTv

10:00am Arsenal vs Manchester City FSC

10:00am Chelsea vs Portsmouth Setanta Sports

12:15pm Sheffield United vs West Brom Setanta Sports

2:00pm Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid GolTv

2:30pm Juventus vs Livorno FSC

4:00pm Sevilla vs Getafe GolTv

4:30pm Lazio vs Torino FSC


9:00am Inter Milan vs Udinese FSC

11:00am Manchester United vs Tottenham FSC

1:00pm Racing vs Barcelona GolTv

2:30pm Palermo vs AS Roma FSC

One last thing: apparently Roy Keane has come out and publicly defended referees. Essentially, he said that Refs are only human and that we all make mistakes and that we shouldn’t take the game so seriously and just ease off.

I know, the end of the world is now coming. I hope it holds off until the end of the season. Roy’s crazy comments can be found here:

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