Friday, August 3, 2007

Predictions: Premiership

One of the things I want to do over the next week or two is to get my season predictions for the big European Leagues out there. I am going to do the Premiership, Series A, la Liga, and the Champions League, for reasons little better than because those are the leagues I like and follow, and thus the ones I actually know a little about.

In each league I am not going to go so far as to try and predict the entire table, but I am going to take a stab at what the top of the table will look like, and I will also let you know who I am thinking about going down. Without further ado, let’s get stated; just to head off any potential e-mailers out there (whether you are going to write tomorrow or in May) please be aware these are little more than blind guesses. I wouldn’t particularly bet the farm on any of this.

Predicted Premiership Final Table, 2007-2008

1). Chelsea

2). Manchester United

3). Liverpool

4). Arsenal

5). Manchester City

6). Aston Villa

7). Newcastle


18). West Ham

19). Wigan

20). Derby

At the top of the table, the temptation was to pick Manchester United to repeat, especially with Carlos Tevez being added. (That was just confirmed today.) I do like Manchester and obviously think they will do well. But Chelsea (who I hate watching) played impressive football last year, in spite of numerous injuries and bringing a number of new players into the squad. This year they are fresher, and have had a season to gel as a club. I also admit I have to admire the fact that Chelsea played in the maximum number of games possible last year and competed in every one: they won the league cup, got to the final of the FA cup, competed in the league until the last possible moment, and got to the semis of the Champions League. I think they are a great team masked by the fact that they are INCREDIBLY boring to watch. That’s why I picked them to win, although I assure you I would much prefer United.

I have Liverpool third, and hope that with the addition of Torres that can compete a little more in the league. I have Arsenal fourth, and obviously believe they will not be destroyed by the loss of Henry. I also think it will b too much for them to overcome the loss to win the Premiership, however.

I picked the five, six and seventh team based on my respect for coaching. Manchester City is probably the only real surprise pick I am making, and it is out of respect for Erickson, who is remembered by the world as a half-decent England Manager (at best) but was a phenomenal leader of club teams, particularly Lazio in Series A in the 1990s. I do believe good times are ahead for the blue half of Manchester, and also think Aston Villa and Newcastle will have solid years under good coaches.

At the bottom, the most noticeable thing is that I believe two of the clubs that come up will stay up; I think Sunderland and Birmingham will bee all right. I think Derby, however, has a weaker team and will go down along with Wigan, who always plays hard. Finally, I obviously think this is the year West Ham goes down as well. I don’t think they’ve done enough to improve their team, but I also think the bad karma from their cheatin’ ways will come back to haunt them.

Next: Series A.

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