Thursday, May 31, 2007

Finally a Fun Friendly?

Just a reminder that that England and Brazil play in a friendly tomorrow at the New Wembly stadium in London. There’s a lot of hype surrounding the game, what with Beckham’s return, Hargreaves’s first appearance since becoming a Red Devil, and the Samba boys at the new home of football. Hopefully, regardless of the hype, it will be a fun game, despite the fact that it is a friendly, and thus it could potentially be ninety minutes of guys kicking the ball around the field. There is hope, however, as England really should be playing to win in spite of the essential meaninglessness of the game. If England goes down early to Brazil, expect the boo-birds to come out in force calling for Steve McClaren’s head.

I also wanted to add to the American readers that the game will be shown on Fox Soccer Channel, and not Sentana, so more soccer viewers will be able to see it. The game will be shown live at 3PM, EST. Enjoy.

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