Saturday, May 26, 2007

Not a Bad Day for David Beckham…

…although, honestly, he probably doesn’t have all that many to begin with, what with the millions of dollars and the playing football for a living and all. Still, this one was pretty good. First, he was the central part of his club, Real Madrid, winning today, keeping them in first place in la Liga. He did it by setting up two goals and generally commanding things from midfield. If you watched the match carefully you would note that he missed a hat-trick by about two feet, although he actually didn’t score at all; he banged a free kick off the post and rolled two other shots that passes within a foot of the outside post. So, all-in-all, it was a good game. Barca won as well today to keep pace, although Ronaldinho was given first dibs on the soap because of a red card and thus will not be playing next week. Just like this week (and the last few weeks) next weekend looks to be another great one in la Liga.

David Beckham was also called back up to the English national team today, a band of merry men he used to captain. Since Steve McClaren’s men presently could not beat the England U-13 girls squad, the coach thought it might be a good idea to bring back a guy who can do crazy things like complete short passes and, you know, cross the ball once in a while. Becks will get a shot during next week’s friendly against Brazil (meaningless but hopefully two tons of fun) and also their Euro 2008 qualifier versus Estonia. Better win that one, boys, or the crazy English press will REALLY get mad. And let’s all admit that it’s good to see Beckham back in the fold. I’m looking forward to getting him here in the states this summer.

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