Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fun in Foxboro

This weekend my buddy and I exercised our season tickets to catch a double-header at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. First we saw a friendly between Ireland and Bolivia and chased it with the Kansas City Wizards vs. New England Revolution.

We had high hopes for the first match but, as with many friendlies, we were left disappointed. We saw a few minutes of good football and about eighty minutes of 22 guys kicking it around. We saw Kevin Doyle, a guy we’ve been watching with Reading all season, so that was fun; but otherwise it was poor game.

The nightcap was fantastic. A classic. Kansas City won 4-3 because Eddie Johnson was the best player (by far) on the field and had a sweet hat-trick. The Revs played with real guts, however, and kept coming back for more. We believed they were close to tying the match when time ran out. They are a fun team and their success this season has been no fluke.

However, the game will also be memorable for other reasons. During the match we saw Khano Smith (who has been fun to watch this season) launch what is already being called by some on the internet the “worst free kick of all time.” In all honesty, it was pretty bad. In the clip from youtube attached below, you can see the kick along with the nutty coach Steve Nicol appropriately took when he saw what his winger produced. If you look closely you can also see my buddy and I watching things from the second row, or at least two colored blobs that are located approximately where we were during the match.

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