Friday, May 11, 2007

Weekend Matches: May 12-13

It really doesn’t matter what games they show on television this weekend: nothing televised will match the intensity and drama of yesterday’s Getafe-Barcelona match, where Getafe came back from being down 5-2 in the first leg to win the second leg at home 4-0. Getafe absolutely DISMANTLED Barca. GolTV announcer Lindsey Dean (he’s the non-crazy one on GolTV, if you are confused) kept saying Getafe could have won 7 or 8 to nil, and unlike when most people say that, he was right. It was almost as bad (but not quite) as the 7-1 drubbing Manchester United put on Roma a few weeks ago, but more dramatic because of the deficit from the first leg.

There are, however, some good game on this weekend. Things should get a little clearer in Germany and Spain, and while the Premiership is wrapped up, there are some interesting dogfights at the bottom of the table. If you enjoy reading this column then throw me a bone and say a prayer for Sheffield United this weekend, who are in a relegation battle with Wigan. Also, check your local listings for MLS games in your neck of the woods. Have a good weekend!


9:30am Borussia Dortmund vs Schalke 04 GolTv

2:00pm Real Madrid vs Espanyol GolTv

3:30pm Toronto FC vs Chicago FSC

4:00pm Sevilla vs Recreativo GolTv


9:00am Inter vs Lazio GolTv

10:00am Manchester United vs West Ham United FSC

10:00am Sheffield United vs Wigan Athletic Setanta Xtra

4:30pm Catania vs AC Milan FSC

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