Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday Quick Hits

A couple of quick hits on a sunny Monday morning….

  • Pretty much everyone agrees that yesterday’s Gold Cup final was spectacular. Mexico played very appealing, attacking football the entire game, but the United States’ strong second-half surge won them the cup. Mexico’s goalkeeper Oswaldo Sanchez played wonderfully in net (it could have been 4-1) and Landon Donavan played a brilliant, brilliant game. He passed it beautifully, especially in the second half. It was fun to watch on television, and it must have been a blast to be there in Chicago in person.
  • Now I’m really looking forward to the Copa America, which begins in a few days. Like everyone else, I’m excited about seeing the big names on the Argentina team and seeing if they can go all the way. I am also pleased to see that Robinho will get the opportunity to be the fulcrum of the Brazilian attack; he is still one of my favorite players. Hopefully the U.S. can advance to the second round, but they are bringing a VERY young squad. We shall see.
  • Here is a very sad photograph of Thierry Henry. I did not enjoy seeing this photo this morning. Only a French football player, incidentally, could get away with searing a cardigan and still be considered really cool. Good for you, TH.
  • Finally, here is an interesting article from the Boston Globe celebrating the rising attendance at New England Revolution matches. Why didn’t that goon reporter interview the Football Fan-atic? Because I always keep it real…

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