Monday, June 4, 2007

Weekend Fun!

This weekend I attended the grim 0-0 draw between New England and Real Salt Lake in an MLS showdown. If it wasn’t for the delicious frozen lemonade they sell at Foxboro stadium, the night might have been a complete disappointment. New England played a fairly lackluster game, often losing the ball in the midfield. They did create a few scoring chances, but nothing could come of it. My buddy commented that no one on the Revolution seems to be able to create their own shot; the exception is Khano Smith, who can always create his own shot but promptly shoots it into the fifth row of seats…

If New England looked bad, Salt Lake appeared dire. All eyes were on Freddy Adu, who had a moment or two of nice stepovers, but otherwise was invisible for 85 minutes. I think we can close the book on Freddy playing center-forward for Manchester United or Barcelona; the poor kid has enough to worry about just keeping his spot in the MLS.

Below find a good article by Kevin Palmer on why Steve McClaren will likely be shitcanned if he doesn’t lead his squad to a convincing victory against Estonia on Wednesday. That should be fun.

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