Monday, June 4, 2007

Rumblings from Munich (No, not the bad kind)

Lovable Fatherland club Bayern Munich is making quite a splash in the early days of the silly season. First, they bought one of my top-five favorite players, Luca Toni, from Fiorentina for a mere 11 million pounds. (At the rate good strikers are going these days, I thought that was a steal.) Now rumors are that Bayern is also going to get Franck Riberey. (See the related story below.) This all quite impressive for a club that will not be playing in the Champions league next year; apparently they have sold themselves quite convincingly to these players. Or they just gave them a bunch of money. Anyway, keep your eyes on those crazy Germans in case they do anything else unexpected. Don't forget what Churchill said: "Bayern Munich is either at your feet, or at your neck..."

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