Friday, June 15, 2007

Weekend Matches: June 16-17

If you happen to hear any quiet, gentle sobbing in the distance this weekend as you go about your business, just ignore it. It is me weeping because the Spanish football season is coming to an end. We will know who the Champions of Spain are by about 5:00 PM EST on Sunday. Meanwhile, all three games I am featuring on Saturday will actually be played at Foxboro Stadium, which means I will be in attendance in my usual corner seat. If you see a fat guy watching the game, that’s either me or one of the other ten thousand fat guys taking in a Gold Cup match.

Go USA. Go Real Madrid.


1:00pm Canada vs Guatemala GolTv

4:00pm USA vs Panama FSC, GolTv

6:30pm New England Revolution vs Columbus Crew FSC


11:00am Bilbao vs Levante GolTv

3:00pm Real Madrid vs Mallorca GolTv

3:00pm Mexico vs Costa Rica FSC

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